The public is all in on Jeremy Lin. Some people are even letting their money do the talking.

At the online sportsbook,, thousands of dollars have been bet on the possibility of Lin winning the MVP award.

The site posts MVP odds on the NBA's best players.

Understandably, Lin wasn't on the board two weeks ago. On Sunday, the site set Lin's odds at 100 to 1. The odds have steadily moved as more money has come in on Lin. Now, the point guard's odds have moved all the way to 25 to 1.

The site certainly did not expect to get so much action on the emerging star.

I thought we were going to have a very slow sports month until March Madness, said Mike Pierce, the website's publicist.

Bettors placed $3,000 on Lin at 100 to 1, $5,000 at 75 to 1, and $12,000 when the odds moved to 50 to 1.

After starting just five games, Lin has the tenth best odds of any player in the NBA.

It's not impossible for Lin to win the award if he continues his high level of play. In his last six games, he's averaging 26.8 points per game. Kevin Durant is currently third in the league in scoring with that exact same average.

Carmelo Anthony is at 25 to 1, even after missing multiple games due to injury and playing poorly when healthy.

LeBron James has by far the best odds of winning the award at 3 to 2.