Linsanity has reached the Late Show with David Letterman.

Not the actual Jeremy Lin -- just the puns.

On the same night Lin extended the Knicks' win streak to seven, Letterman unveiled his Top 10 worst Jeremy Lin puns.

Brought on by the recent Lin-inspired headlines from New York newspapers (example: Wednesday morning's New York Post had AMASAIN and LIN and a Prayer), Letterman has joined in on the pun fun.

Sports writers are always looking for a hook, and at first it started out with Jeremy Linsanity, and then they got a lot of complaints from people who actually were Linsane, Letterman joked, after holding an art card with puns like Just LINcredible, LIN long and prosper and Truly a LIN-derella story.

Included in the Top 10 worst possible Jeremy Lin puns were Law and Order: Criminal LIN-tent, Newt LIN-grich and JERE-meat sauce with LIN-guine.

Despite playing the shortest game of his budding Knicks career -- 26 minutes -- on Wednesday, the 23-year-old delivered 13 assists at Madison Square Garden, as the Knicks beat the Sacramento Kings 100-85.

The Lin-inspired puns were also in full force at the Garden, thanks to fans holding signs like LIN Your Face, LINderella and even Marry Me Jeremy, ABC News reports.

It's crazy. thank you for the energy, as always, Lin reportedly told the fans after the game.

Scroll down to watch David Letterman present the Late Night Top 10 list for the worst Jeremy Lin puns.

The New York Knicks will host the New Orleans Hornets on Friday at the Garden.

1. You gotta be LIN it to LIN it

2. KNI-xual LIN-tercourse

3. JERE-meat Sauce with LIN-guine

4. Does this look LIN-fected to you?

5. LIN-terest-bearing LIN-vestment Grade Financial LIN-strument

6. Newt LIN-grich

7. LIN-ternational House of LIN-cakes

8. Ange-LIN-a JOL-emy

9. Law and Order: Criminal LIN-tent

10. LIN-termittent Windshield Wiper

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