Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is so rich he doesn't even need to wipe his own glasses. He keeps his son-in-law around just to do that.

Yahoo Sports reports that not only did the Cowboys trounce the Giants to kick off the NFL season, but that Jones' son-in-law was on-hand for all glasses-cleaning-related duties.

Shy Anderson, Jones' daughter Charlotte's husband, sat behind the owner of the Cowboys during the game, watching as Kevin Ogletree, Cowboys wide receiver, recorded the first touchdown of the Cowboys' 2012 season. After some confusion as to who the mysterious glasses-wiper was, ESPN analyst Adam Schefter tweeted his identity.

After the game, Jones praised the value of his team, stating, "I have always thought that it was tribute to the Cowboys and our fans and the visibility," adding "I know it doesn't make one more first down for you. It is really I think a plus for the franchise to be thought of that highly. We all know that no one ever knows until you see something sold with the market and I'm fortunate to say that won't ever be the case with me or the family, so we'll never know what it's worth."