Comedian Jerry Seinfeld's much anticipated web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee debuted Thursday night with none other than Larry David as the first guest. Seinfeld and David famously co-created Seinfeld, which is regarded by many as the funniest show ever in television history.

Based on the minute-long promotional video released earlier this month and Thursday night's episode, the show doesn't appear to be anything more than what's described in the title. It's a combination of Seinfeld's two famous loves, comedy and classic cars. Along with David, other guests set to appear on the web series are Ricky Gervais, Louis CK and many others.

Thursday night's debut opens with Jerry driving around in a 1958 Volkswagen bug and calling up the real-life George Costanza. David shows up in his signature blazer, jeans and white sneakers. Their interaction is more of a natural, neurotic conversation between the two comics than a performance.

Anyone who has ever seen Seinfeld (i.e. everyone) will immediately recognize the beats to their speech pattern, which seemingly comes right out of the show. It's funny to watch, but trying to decide where to eat lunch with David and Seinfeld could be a miserable, draining experience for someone who's not familiar with their brand of humor. The lunch conversation centers mostly on how much free-range chickens really enjoy their time out on the range.

They also reminisce on their time writing Seinfeld and the difference between cigar and cigarette smokers.

For comedy fans, even the simple premise of a fish-eye camera view on the dashboard will be reason enough to tune in. Comedy podcasts have been booming over the past year or so, led by Marc Maron's WTF interview show and The Nerdist network of funny talk. Television deals via the IFC network have come for Maron's WTF and Comedy Bang Bang, which is hosted by Mr. Show alumni Scott Aukerman.

Now, Seinfeld as taken his television success and gone in the opposite direction as those shows, and his transition to the Internet is proof that online entertainment is quickly catching up with audience's TV habits. Seinfeld has never been the most experimental comedian, but this project is reminiscent of something his contemporary Louis CK might try. The FX show Louie has an almost surreal bend at times and is written, directed, and stars CK. He's also rumored to be a guest on Seinfeld's show too, by the way.

You can find the debut episode by clicking here. Next week's guest is Ricky Gervais.