Our favorite EYEtalians are gearing up for the fourth season that will take place in none other than Florence, Italy. "Jersey Shore" received a massive audience of 8 million viewers during the end of last season. The series is now MTV's highest-rated series ever! It is no doubt that the show has some serious pop cultural influence since its debut in 2009.

The show is taking more leaps and bounds as they leave the shore and Miami for a European getaway! When asked: why Florence, SallyAnn Salsano, executive producer of "Jersey Shore" said there was something about the city that "just felt right." She also mentioned that the nightlife was great, and it was a place the the cast would have fun in. They had no problems with permission to film in bars and nightclubs, so all the action was captured. The "Jersey Shore" gang did have some language barriers which Salsano claims will be funny to watch.

"It's different," Salsano said about the new season. " I felt like I laughed this season more than I ever laughed because a lot of funny stuff happened, but the storylines take a lot of twists and turns and every character shows a different side that viewers haven't seen before. I don't know if it it's because they are out of their comfort zone but you uncover something that you never knew before," she continued.

Here are some photos of the cast out and about in their Jerseylicious gear! Stay tuned for "Jersey Shore" season 4 Thursday on MTV.