It's been just under two weeks since Jessa and Ben Seewald welcomed their first child into the world and it seems they're soaking up every aspect of parenthood. The couple have shared several photos of their son, Spurgeon Elliot Seewald, since his Nov. 5 birth, but none are cuter than the most recent upload. Jessa, 23, shared a photo of her sleeping newborn with the world on Nov. 15 and it's almost too sweet to handle. 

As was reported by People magazine, the photo was posted to the former "19 Kids and Counting" star's Facebook page. It showed one-week-old Spurgeon smiling as he slept with his hands on either side of his head. In the caption Jessa questioned what the infant may be dreaming about that caused such a look of joy, illustrating her love for him with emojis. 

The photo is one of many that Jessa and her husband Ben, 20, have shared since Spurgeon's birth. On Nov. 14, the new mom tweeted a photo of her firstborn in celebration of him being a week old. In the message she thanked God "for this precious little gift" and shared a snapshot of him sporting a cozy blue hat and tan knit sweater.

The couple announced their baby's name several days after his arrival. Jessa and Ben decided to make the big announcement in a video, posted on the Seewald Family Blog. The couple stood side-by-side, Jessa cradling their baby boy in her arms, as they announced to the world that they had decided to name him Spurgeon Elliot Seewald. Ben then explained the meaning behind the unique name, sharing with fans that it was derived from Charles Spurgeon, a 19th century preacher who had a strong impact on their lives. 

Ben and Jessa will showcase their baby journey on "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" on TLC. The three-part series premieres in December.