For the second time around, a second-class lawsuit was filed against Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company.

The lawsuit was asking for $5 million and claimed that Alba’s company has changed their SPF 30 sunscreen formula in March and have apparently removed more than half of the zinc oxide which is the chemical that provides protection for the skin from the sun, reported TMZ.

Because of this apparent change in the formula, a lot of the sunscreen users reportedly got sunburned. The suit also provided photos that show users who had severe sunburns.

The said sunscreen is already sold out on its website, and was described as “naturally derived, unscented, broad spectrum (UVA and UVB) SPF mineral sunscreen.” It also stated that its only active sunscreen ingredient is zinc oxide, and that it doesn’t have any synthetic chemical sunscreens.”

The said lawsuit against The Honest Company was filed a week ago by a consumer named, Jonathon D. Rubin, E!Online reported. He described the brand as “deceptive and misleading” by marketing their products as “natural.”

Rubin and the other class members demanded at least $5 million in damages and interest on all liquidated sums. The lawsuit stated, “Based on Honest’s representations that the Products were natural, [Rubin] and the Class paid a Premium for the Products over comparable products that did not purport to be natural. Instead of receiving products that were natural, [Rubin] and the Class received Products, which contrary to Honest’s representations, contained synthetic ingredients.”

Alba, on the other hand denied these allegations against her company. She said that the company strongly stands behind their products and their responsibility to the consumers of their products. Alba was also quoted saying, “We are steadfast in our commitment to transparency and openness.” She described all the allegations as “baseless and without merit.”

A few months ago, there had also been complaints that were thrown against The Honest Company. There were parents that complained that Honest’s SPF 30 sunscreen have caused their child from having severe sunburn. Alba’s company, on the other hand, released a statement where they noted that their product was tested by the US FDA, and was proven safe and effective for use.

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