Josh Morgan, the former fiancé of Jessica Dorrell, is still employed by the University of Arkansas despite being removed from the swimming page of the Arkansas athletic department website.

An Arkansas spokesman said that Morgan is still employed at the university and his name is listed in the campus directory, according to a Yahoo! Sports blogger.  

However, the spokesman later said that the university law would not allow him to say anything more about Morgan's status at his work.  

On Wednesday, a website called reported that Morgan lost his job because of the unfortunate affair of Dorrell with Coach Bobby Petrino. It was not clear whether Morgan was fired or he resigned from his job. His position is taken over by former graduate assistant Megan Haskins, the website reported.

But later the website updated the report saying that they have been contacted by the Arkansas Public Relations Department that confirmed the news that Morgan is still working with the university.

Three years ago, Morgan had moved to the strength & conditioning department at Arkansas wher he also worked with men's track & field and women's golf. A day after Petrino was fired, Morgan's name was nowhere to be found on the university's website.

Morgan is making headlines for his past relationship with 25-year-old Dorrell, who worked as a student-athlete development coordinator for the football team.

Morgan was engaged to Dorrell and the couple's marriage was scheduled for June, but ESPN reported that the couple called off their engagement.   

Petrino, who is married with four children, last Thursday admitted that he kept quiet about his extramarital affair with Dorrell. He also helped Dorrell to get job with the football program. The former football coach also gave a large sum of cash, some $20,000 to Dorrell.  

During my review of this matter, Coach Petrino informed me that he give a large sum of cash, some $20,000 to Ms. Dorrell. Coach Petrino, however, failed to disclose this information to me prior to his recommendation to hire her into the football program, athletic director Jeff Long said.

He made a conscious decision to speak and mislead the public on Tuesday. In doing so, he negatively and adversely affected the reputation of the University of Arkansas and our football program, he added.

Dorrell and Petrino's inappropriate relationship came to lime light after Petrino was injured in a motorcycle accident on April 1. Initially Petrino told public that he was alone riding the motorcycle, but before the Arkansas State Police report was released on Thursday, Petrino admitted that Dorrell was with him when the accident happened.