Matthew Puccio, one of five suspects charged with the murder and dismembering of his girlfriend Jessica Rae Sacco, said he met her on Facebook while searching for new friends.

Sacco, 21, was killed in March. Puccio, 25, is accused of stabbing, suffocating and dismembering her in their Urbana duplex apartment. Police told the media that some of the Ohio woman's limbs were dumped in southwest Ohio and Kentucky. Her landlord found her remains in the bathtub on March 30, more than a week after authorities believe that Sacco died.

The Champaign County grand jury indicted Puccio and the others on Thursday in connection with her death, the Associated Press reported. Puccio is facing life imprisonment if convicted.

The other accused include Andrew and Kandace Forney of Fenton, Mich., and Christopher Wright and Sharon Cook of Urbana, Ohio. Police believed that they watched as Sacco was killed and did nothing to stop it. They are also accused of helping Puccio cut off or transport limbs, according to reports.

The AP reported that Andrew Forney, 26, is charged with gross abuse of a corpse and abuse of a corpse, tampering with and complicity to tamper with evidence, obstructing justice, failure to report a crime and possession of criminal tools. His 25-year-old wife is charged with obstructing justice, failure to report a crime, possession of criminal tools and complicity to tampering with evidence.

Wright, 37, has been charged with similar offenses as Andrew Forney. And Cook, 25, has been charged with failure to report a crime, complicity to gross abuse of a corpse and to abuse of a corpse, complicity to tampering with evidence and complicity to obstructing justice.

According to the Springfield News-Sun, Puccio met Sacco on Facebook while looking for friends during a rough time in his life.

I was just trying to meet new people, make new friends, Puccio said. I was having a rough time. My ex-fiancee walked out on me, took my son, my daughter.

Puccio said that he met Cook and Wright at a local library days before the murder. He was surprised that the two helped him cover up the crime instead of reporting it to the authorities.

It shocked the hell out of me, Puccio said. I figured they'd be the first to call the cops on me.

Puccio has claimed that Sacco begged him to kill her after she was confronted about text messages she'd sent saying she wanted him dead.