Jessica Simpson told Ellen DeGeneres that she already had her baby girl's name picked out, but she wasn't revealing it until the baby was born.

I have [picked it out] but we're not really saying it until the baby is here, Simpson said. We've been calling her by her name. She reacts to it.  I could be one of those physco moms that just thinks one little kick... is her really listing to me. She's really like, shut up.

However, now it seems the name has been leaked by a family friend and it is -- Maxwell!

They tossed around a lot of names, including some wacky ones like Zinfandel, but couldn't agree on anything, a family friend told In Touch Weekly. They're going to call her Maxwell, Maxi for short. Maxwell is Eric's middle name, and also his beloved grandma's maiden name. Jessica wanted a name with meaning.

Simpson told Elle Magazine, where she appears on the cover nude, that the name is nothing shocking and nothing you'll have to add to the dictionary.

Simpson has been spotted with a M pendant around her neck, but when Ryan Seacrest asked her about it she wouldn't reveal any details.