Jim Parsons and his production company That’s Wonderful Productions will be releasing a comedy TV show entitled “Lakeside VA.”

According to Variety, the series will chronicle the life of a group of VA hospital employees who haven’t been receiving competitive salaries and benefits. However, their lives will change drastically the minute a new female chief of surgery steps in and turns them into an A-team.

The new show, which has already been picked up by ABC, is written by Shelly Gossman. The writer revealed that some of the storylines in the TV show were inspired by her actual experiences and first-hand encounters with veterans and VA staff. In her early 20s, Gossman worked at a hospital, and her father also happens to be a Vietnam veteran.

Meanwhile, Gossman also acts as co-executive producer for the 30-minute, single-camera show. She will be working closely with Parsons and Todd Spiewak, who are executive producers of the TV series. As of late, there is still no word on when “Lakeside VA” will premiere, according to Deadline.

Parsons currently stars in “The Big Bang Theory,” where he plays the role of Sheldon Cooper. Parsons’ contract will expire at the end of Season 10, but there are rumors that the hit CBS sitcom will get at least another season. While speaking with TV Line, the actor said that he cannot imagine that any of his co-stars would not want to be on the show. After all, the storylines every week are still very interesting and exciting.

“I’m trying to imagine when an actor in a good situation would go, ‘I’m out of here!’ I don’t think it would even be between Seasons 10 and 11 – not if things are going well… The writers are still so devoted and on top of it. The stories that come out are still so much fun to play – so there’s no drudgery aspect to this,” he said.