Jimmy Kimmel 'Kill Everyone In China' Skit Controversy: Chinese State Media CCTV Asks About 'Killing Everyone In Africa' [VIDEO]

By @mflorcruz m.florcruz@ibtimes.com on

Even after the U.S. network ABC released an apology, many in the Chinese community are still outraged over an Oct. 16 skit that appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" The TV skit, which featured Jimmy Kimmel asking a roundtable of children about American politics, particularly U.S. debt to China, ended up being the target of many angry Chinese-Americans.

During the segment, Kimmel asks the children what they think the U.S. should do about its hundreds of billions of dollars of debt to China. One 6-year-old responds by saying a solution would be to “kill everyone in China.”

China’s mainstream media picked up the story and even spoke to Kimmel while on his late-night talk show’s set. Below is an excerpt of the segment that aired on state-run CCTV’s both Chinese and English language channels:

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