Esteemed author J.K. Rowling turned 50 on Friday. The U.K. native happens to share her special day with Harry Potter, the star of her popular novels and films of the same name. Rowling's milestone birthday has brought about an outpouring of love from stars of the "Harry Potter" films, wishing her well as she enters into her 50s. Unfortunately, it seems the cast forgot "the boy who lived."

Time magazine tracked down actors Alan Rickman (Severus Snape), Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom), Oliver and James Phelps (George and Fred Weasley), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) and more to wish the "Harry Potter" creator well as she enters a new decade of life. Rickman wished her "the happiest" birthday, while the twins thanked her for her "brilliantly creative mind and humour" and referenced popular spells and moments from the film. Although each of the birthday messages sent into Time were lovely in their own right, it's Lewis' that we just can't get over. 

As Entertainment Weekly reported, the 26-year-old actor penned a paragraph praising Rowling for having "enriched" the lives of millions, including his own. He credited her with making him the man he is today, calling her both generous and a loyal supporter.

"I could talk about the millions of lives Jo has enriched whether through the stories and characters she's created or through the millions of pounds she's given to charity. She's a remarkable woman," he wrote. "However, I would like to thank Jo for changing MY life. Without her imagination and her talent I would never have become the man I am today. That's not even to mention her generosity and loyalty when it has come to supporting everything that I have done in the years since 'Harry Potter.' She's just a wonderful human being and I consider myself so privileged and honoured to call her a friend. Happy birthday, Jo."

Rowling and Lewis seem to have stayed close through the years that have followed the seventh and final installment in the "Harry Potter" film series. After photos from an Attitude magazine shoot hit the Internet in May, showing a stripped down Lewis posing in underwear and a sweater, Rowling and the actor exchanged witty banter on Twitter. The author joked with the star that he should "warn me next time," but added that his nearly-nude photos certainly could have been worse. 

The "Harry Potter" author took to Twitter Friday morning to thank fans and followers for wishing her and Harry a happy birthday. She also joked that she had considered sharing a photo of her family dog, a West Highland Terrier, with her followers "because in dog years I'm dead."