Comedian Joan Rivers is known to be one Hollywood’s most outspoken figures. But during a recent CNN interview, the funny woman decided to let her legs do the talking.

After a slightly awkward interview with CNN Newsroom host Fredricka Whitfield, Rivers abruptly ended the pair’s chat and walked off the set.

Rivers became upset when Whitfield began questioning her on the boundaries she has when it comes to her often controversial jokes.

"This whole interview is becoming a defensive interview," Rivers said. She went on to add that Whitfield’s questions were negative.

Rivers eventually became so frustrated she walked off camera, ending the interview.

"You are not the one to interview a person who does humor, sorry," Rivers said before leaving the set.  

Rivers was on the show to promote her new book "Diary of a Mad Diva." In a follow-up about the interview, Whitfield said she wasn’t sure if the comedienne leaving the interview was a joke or not. But after hearing what Rivers said as she made her exit from the set, Whitfield concluded Rivers was indeed angry.

"Off camera, [Rivers] kept her microphone on as she continued to talk and dropped some rather unflattering four-letter words," Whitfield said.