Jodi Arias again took the stand Monday in a Phoenix court after a five-day break in her murder trial. She is expected to tell the jury that she caught Travis Alexander getting aroused by pictures of young boys.

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The 32-year-old photographer is accused of murdering her former lover, Alexander; she admits she killed him in the shower but claims self-defense.

In hours of testimony, Arias has discussed intimate details of her relationship with Alexander but has yet to describe June 4, 2008 — the day she killed her ex-boyfriend.

Before the trial resumed on Monday, various news outlets were reporting that the judge would allow Arias to testify that she caught Alexander masturbating to pictures of young boys.

Arias’ testimony seems to get ever more lurid as it goes on. She last week testified that Alexander had a “Bill Clinton” view of sex — claiming he forced her into having anal and oral sex since to him that was not actual sex.

She paints the victim as having a religious exterior but a “sexually deviant” interior and being controlling and abusive.

Though the prosecution urged that Arias not be allowed to say she caught Alexander getting aroused to pictures of young boys, Judge Sherry Stephens will not bar the allegations from the trail, ABC News reported.

On Thursday, Stephens ruled the accusation would be allowed in court on Monday.

"I'm surprised the judge let this in," said Dan Abrams, ABC News legal analyst. "This is incredibly inflammatory and it fits conveniently into the defense's theory."

"This is a risky move for Jodi Arias because if these jurors don't believe her already, this is just going to make them angry at her," he added.

Arias’ defense team is also going to present 10 letters that Alexander wrote as evidence for his attraction to boys, ABC reported.