When Joe Budden isn’t rapping, he’s delivering his comments about the rap game on his podcast. In the latest episode, Budden and his co-host discussed Beanie Sigel’s recent appearance on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club as well as his diss records aimed at Meek Mill.

According to Budden, while he is still a fan of Sigel’s rapping skills, he believes Sigel’s new voice is holding him back. The rapper’s voice has been noticeably different after losing one of his lungs following a shooting in 2014. “This was my problem with the two Beans diss records. I listened to them both. Beans is still a phenomenal emcee. Still to this day. The voice alteration does affect a lot.”

While Budden realizes that Sigel’s flow and lyrics are still top notch, he says his voice is holding him back. The rapper added that he would like to see Sigel have his songs mixed by an engineer.

“[His lyrics] are [there] and the flow is there, everything is there still except for his voice. I would like him to get a mix down on both of those diss records because those beats that he picked brought me back to Roc-A-Fella last decade,” said Budden. “Especially the second one. It even made us accept his voice on the second one, or at least me anyway, for myself.”

It’s not Budden’s first time speaking about the feud. Towards the end of September, Budden said he would like to see the violence between Meek Mill and Sigel come to an end. “Rap beef all you want. I don’t want to see anybody get shot. I don’t want to see anybody get stabbed. I don’t want to see anybody get hit.”

Budden’s comments came after a member of Meek Mill’s crew attacked Beanie Sigel backstage at a concert. It’s believed the attacked occurred as a result of Sigel saying he ghostwrote Meek’s lyrics for his Game diss.