Joey Feek's condition may be worsening, but her husband, Rory Feek, is getting through it by focusing on the good times. The country singer, who makes up one half of the musical duo Joey+Rory, shared a sweet video of he and his wife on vacation in February 2015.

Rory, 49, posted a video on Facebook Tuesday from the couple's trip to Hawaii in celebration of his birthday. According to People, they brought along their children — Indiana, whom they share, and Heidi and Hope from a previous relationship of Rory's. Along with the video the father of three wrote a message in which he noted that both "nothing" and "everything" had changed since the video was taken. He fondly recalled packing their bags for the trip, which he called their "favorite vacation." Rory added that unlike most of their "family vacations," during which they were generally scheduled to play shows at some point, this Hawaii trip was dedicated entirely to rest, relaxation and togetherness.

"Most of the trips that we call family vacations, are actually places where we're playing a show and try to fit in a few days of being tourists around it," he wrote. "This one was different. There was no music, no plan, no rush...just us all being together as a family. I loved it."

Rory has been open about his wife's terminal cancer battle. He frequently shares photos, as well as posts on their family blog titled This Life I Live, about her condition and it's effect on their family. Monday, People magazine reported that Rory shared a picture on Instagram of Joey preparing a meal for her family from her hospice bed, proving that even with her illness she rules her roost. While she no longer has the strength to get out of bed, Rory managed to create something similar to a kitchen space at her bedside, allowing her to chop, blend, and do any other prep work she needed.

In addition to cooking delicious and nutritious meals for her family, Joey has been busy prepping for spring. Though she may not live to see it, she has made it a point to plant seedlings in the hopes that they'll bloom by the time winter is gone. Rory wrote about this on their family blog, telling fans it was her way of "putting down roots."