Everyone can pretty much agree that hosting an "appreciation day" for a fast-food restaurant is nuts no matter the context, right? John Goodman apparently concurs. And that's why the veteran actor teamed up with Will Ferrell's comedy website Funny or Die to produce a parody commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken, painting KFC as a pro-gay alternative.

Goodman, dressed up as KFC's white-suited founder Colonel Sanders, repeatedly stresses his love for "the gays" and implores anyone who wants to support pro-gay causes to come visit Kentucky Fried Chicken. The video even hints that Sanders himself might have been gay. And as always, the "Big Lebowski" star is endearing, and just a little but unsettling at the same time.

The video is, of course, making fun of rival chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A's controversy. A few weeks back, company president Dan Cathy said some harsh words about gay marriage, and the restaurant has found itself at the center of a culture war ever since.

The video was released Wednesday, which was declared "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" by Mike Huckabee. Thousands of people showed up at restaurants across the country, showing support for the restaurant's political stances (or maybe just their chicken).

At a certain point in the video, Goodman's portrayal goes from endearingly positive to downright creepy. While Goodman's Sanders is a big fan of homosexuals, he states, "I prefer the white meat to the dark."

The video ends with Goodman slying poking at the absurdity of corporate political policies. "I don't actually give a s**t," he says. "You're all just a bunch of money-mouths, walking around talkin' and eatin'."

In real life, Colonel Harlan Sanders was an outspoken conservative evangelical who frequently appeared on programs like Pat Robertson's "700 Club."

Watch the full video at Funny or Die.