John Mayer, known as the serial date-and-tell man, is now interested in Eva Longoria following her split from husband Tony Parker.

John is crazy about Eva, a source told The Mirror. There's something about newly divorced ladies that drives him nuts. He was the same over [former partner] Jessica Simpson when she left Nick Lachey and now he has his eye on Eva.

However, Eva may not be so eager to fall for this charmer even on rebound. All reports indicate that her split from husband has affected her to a great extent and that she is still trying to recover.

John Mayer's a date-and-tell reputation comes from his Playboy interview in February 2010. He had openly spoken about his relationships to Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. He also made some racist references too.

Surprisingly, rumours of him and Jennifer being back together again surfaced. However, Mayer denied them immediately.

Taylor Swift is reportedly coming out with a Dear John song in her latest album, in which she allegedly refers to a failed romance with the singer and lyricist.