It appears that Johnny Manziel may be having some issues at Texas A&M. The Heisman Trophy winner has made headlines after sending out a disgruntled tweet on Sunday morning.

"Bulls--- like tonight is a reason why I can't wait to leave college station...whenever it may be," Manziel said on Twitter, according to The Dallas Morning News. The tweet was deleted soon after, and the quarterback followed up with post about how much he loves his school.

Manziel expressed his desire for others to “walk a day in my shoes,” but it might be hard to imagine why he would want to leave Texas A&M. The quarterback had one of the best freshman seasons in college football history in 2012 and seems to be enjoying himself off the field.

Perhaps the biggest reason that it seems odd to see Manziel complain is his girlfriend. Johnny Football is dating model Sarah Savage. Much like Katherine Webb, who garnered fame for dating Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron, Savage received attention when it was discovered that she was seeing the first freshman to ever win the Heisman Trophy. The couple even appeared together in a music video for country singer Granger Smith’s song “Silverado Bench Seat.”

As of a few months ago, Savage also attended Texas A&M. Despite dating Alabama’s starting quarterback, Webb graduated from Auburn.

Below are some pictures of Savage, as well as the music video in which she and Manziel appeared. She has become very popular because of photos that she posts of herself and the quarterback on Instagram.