On Wednesday evening, “Late Night” with Jimmy Fallon dedicated 13 minutes of the show to a parody of “Breaking Bad,” the hit television show on AMC, titled “Joking Bad.”

The parody followed a similar path to the “Breaking Bad” series, playing up the fact that Fallon is set to leave “Late Night” for the “Tonight Show.”

In the next sequence, Fallon is seen walking off set after a taping of “Late Night” with production crew and assistants changing him piece by piece into another outfit while the camera follows him. After entering his dressing room, Fallon takes on the look similar to Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in the first season of “Breaking Bad,” wearing only a green button-up shirt, boots and briefs. Fallon is then seen encountering the show’s announcer, Steve Higgins, in a role akin to Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) of “Breaking Bad,” ending his lines with Jesse’s signature word, “b---h.”

Instead of making and selling meth like Walt & Jesse, Fallon and Higgins collaborate to “manufacture” jokes to sell on the street to other comedians on the open market.

This theme continues through the entire skit as other members of the “Late Night” crew, including A.D. Miles parody several key “Breaking Bad” characters.

Also seen in the parody are several cast members from “Breaking Bad” including Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman, along with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul who play themselves as audience members.

The most surprising moment in the 13 minute skit was Jay Leno parodying the role of Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis).

Fallon will replace Leno in the “Tonight Show” after the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympics. As Fallon moves on to the “Tonight Show,” Saturday Night Live cast member, Seth Meyers, is expected to replace Fallon on Late Night.

Watch the hilarious “Breaking Bad” parody in the video above.