Jon Bon Jovi is dead, according to a press release from Web site dailynewbloginternational.

The press release was then widely circulated on the Internet and caused an uproar. Jon Bon Jovi, lead singer of rock band Bon Jovi, of course, is not dead. His rep told CNN that he is alive, well and doing another charity event tonight. His rep also told Gossip Cop essentially the same thing.

The fake press release claimed the rock star and prolific philanthropist died from a heart attack. It claimed he was rushed to Jersey Shore Medical Center and that hundreds of reporters gathered outside to await word on his condition.

From the Web page of the fake press release, users have liked the page over 10,000 times on Facebook and tweeted it over 600 times. The resulting buzz it generated on Twitter has made Bon Jovi a trending topic.

Is Jon Bon Jovi dead? Don't play around. That's my boy, tweeted @THediting1.

You guys are confusing 'Jon Bon Jovi' and 'Jon Bon Jovi's career,' tweeted @Raykein in jest.

Bon Jovi is not dead. He's still Living on a Prayer! tweeted @katebuckjr, referencing the Bon Jovi song Livin' on a Prayer.

Online death hoaxes lighting up Twittersphere is a relatively common occurrence; there is even a hashtag called #TodayTwitterKilled.

In the past, Twitter has killed Justin Bieber (on multiple occasions), Hugh Hefner, Eddie Murphy, Miley Cyrus and many other celebrities.