Update: Kate's lawyer confirmed only $28,500 has been returned so far. Jon's lawyer said his client had the remaining $152,000 he owes, however the money had not been fully transfered, People Magazine reported Friday afternoon.

Jon Gosselin has returned money to the joint bank account he has with Jon & Kate Plus Eight co-star and soon to be ex-wife Kate.

The amount of money he has returned is not clear. A report says he returned $28,000 from the $180,000 he had been ordered to return, according to celebrity's blogging site TMZ.com.  People Magazine quotes Jon's attorney saying his client is now in complete compliance with the court order but it doesn't specify the amount.

A judge had ordered Jon on October 13 to return the money he had withdrawn from the couple's joint account. Kate was ordered to make a list of all the expenses from the account.