Comedian Jon Stewart is one of the most vocal, scathing, and (surprisingly) influential voices that bashes Fox News.

Stewart has called Fox “a biased organization relentlessly promoting an ideological agenda under the rubric of being a news organization” and an “agenda-driven 24 hours news opinion propaganda delivery system.”


On Sunday, Stewart appeared on FOX News Sunday, a program hosted by Chris Wallace, to defend his claims.

Wallace initially challenged Stewart on the assertion that he gives liberal news organization like CNN and NYTimes a pass.

Stewart responded that while CNN and NYTimes and his own show have a liberal slant, they’re not vehicles whose main purpose is to disseminate political ideology masquerading as legitimate news.

Stewart claims that MSNBC is the closest liberal counterpart to the Fox News machine.

Recently, several publications with liberal slants published devastating pieces on Roger Ailes, the president of Fox News.  One is from Rolling Stone and another is from New York Magazine.   

These pieces essential claim that Ailes, arguably the most successful Republican political consultant of all time, built Fox mainly as a propaganda machine that disseminates Republican political agenda that masquerades as “fair and balanced” news.

Wallace, speaking on behalf of Fox, denies Stewart’s accusations.

Below is Stewart’s interview with Chris Wallace: