Comedian Jon Stewart ripped Megyn Kelly for (what in his opinion is) flip-flopping on her stance for maternity leave.

Kelly, host of the Fox News show "America Live," recently came back from maternity leave. She then confronted talk radio show host Mike Gallagher, who complained about her maternity leave and called the concept a "racket."

On his "Daily Show," Stewart played a segment that contrasted Kelly's confrontation with Gallagher in support of maternity leave with her past comments against "entitlements."

In the past, Kelly has vehemently argued against entitlements and believed the free market should dictate whether or not benefits are offered. She saw the prevalence of entitlements as a sign of government overreach.

In her confrontation against Gallagher, however, she argued that the U.S. is already behind in maternity leave rights and that mothers deserve three months off (for "bonding and recovery") after nine months of pregnancy.