When it comes to Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul, it appears The Daily Show host Jon Stewart has a bit of a soft spot for him.

If you'll recall, Stewart, on his show last month, gave the Texas congressman much publicity when he said that the media was pretending Ron Paul doesn't exist. This came on the heels of the Iowa Ames Straw Poll, where Paul placed third. His placing, however, was largely unmentioned by the media, Stewart said, who chose rather to highlight Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who hadn't participated.

Following Wednesday's GOP presidential debate, Stewart took to his show to complain about how the debate was largely focused on Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney; they were center stage and the questions primarily directed toward them.

Anyway, while Stewart might not be leaning to endorsing Paul for president, he does have another proposition for Paul.

I don't know if he should be president or have any kind of power, but I like him as our idea guy, Stewart said during his roundup on Wednesday's Republican debate from the Ronald Reagan library.

Saving his highest praise for when Paul commented on the border fence with Mexico, Stewart rolled the tape from the debate of Paul saying:

Sure we can secure the borders. A barbed wire fence with machine guns would do the trick. I believe that is what America is all about. I think this fence business is designed and may well be to used to keep us in, Paul said.

Cut to Stewart with his praise:

I'm telling you, this is why we need this guy in the race! He is the only guy in any political party who realizes that at some point we might want to sneak into Mexico, Stewart said. He generates a lot of ideas. He could be like America's Kramer, Stewart said refereing to the fictional Seinfeld character Cosmo Kramer, whose fictional ideas included beach-scented cologne, make-your-own-pizza restaurants, and a coffee table book about coffee tables, as the Christian Science Monitor's Peter Grier so aptly pointed out.

Ron Paul for president? Or Ron Paul for ideas? You decide.