Jonas the first TV comedy series starring the Jonas Brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick debuts Saturday night at 8 p.m. EST on the Disney Channel.

The first episode of the Disney sitcom opens with Nick falling in love with a girl in high school and Joe and Kevin advising him no to fall too hard, too fast. But Nick keeps his eyes on and writes a song for her. The girl thinks the song is for her to sing and when all three go to see her play it, she ends up dedicating it to her boyfriend.

On the series the Jonas Brothers have become the Lucas Brothers, and Jonas is simply the name of their band. They are pop stars trying to live normal lives while in high school.

Two girls are also in the cast. Chelsea Staub stars as Stella and is the group’s teenage wardrobe mistress while Nicole Anderson is Macy, a fan who is in love with all three of them.

So far the series is getting positive reviews online, and most of them say it is another classic Disney sitcom.