It's been more than a decade since the Godfather of Steroids played in a Major League Baseball game, but Jose Canseco still thinks he has something left.

The former star has sent out several tweets indicating that he'd like to make a return to the majors. Just a reminder to all mlb teams. I am still available and staying in shape, tweeted Canseco. I see some teams are lacking offense.

Canseco doesn't think he can be a merely a contributor on a major league team. He still believes he can be one of the best players in the game.

I would have led MLB in homeruns by now. Ballparks are getting smaller. I would just crowd [the] plate and dare them to pitch me in.

Canseco last played in 2001. In 76 games with the White Sox, he hit 16 home runs and drove in 49 RBIs.

At 47 years old, Canseco would be the second-oldest player in the game. Pitcher Jamie Moyer currently holds that claim at 49 years of age.

Canseco has been out of the game for 11 years, but not by his choosing. The former outfielder says he has been blackballed from baseball because of his role in the steroid era. My life was completely ruined by Major League Baseball, he once said. I was the only [one] who paid the ultimate price with my career.

Canseco is an admitted past steroid user, and exposed numerous players for using performance-enhancing drugs. Before he wrote his tell-all book Juiced, Canseco was one of the league's best players while in his prime. He became the first player to ever have 40 home runs and 40 steals in one season. Canseco finished his career with 462 homers.

He's hasn't put on an MLB uniform since 2001, but Canseco has played baseball elsewhere. He played for the independent Golden Baseball League in 2006. He even tried to play in Mexico this year, but Mexican officials banned him for reportedly using a banned substance.

After writing Juiced, Canseco appeared on several reality TV shows. He was on Season 5 of The Surreal Life and The Celebrity Apprentice in 2011.