The basement where Josef Fritzl imprisoned and raped his daughter for 24 years is finally being destroyed.

The liquidator for Fritzl's estate said on Friday that the Austrian dungeon will be filled with concrete so that no one will be able to enter it again. The basement, in the city of Amstetten, will be filled sometime next year, once a permit is issued. No decision has been made on the fate of the rest of the residence.

Fritzl's number 4 Ybbstrasse house still attracts visitors, who snap photos in front of the windowless cellar where the now 76-year-old kept his daughter. Souvenir-seekers have broken into the basement on occasion, and a group of teenagers once threw a party there.

The Austrian was sentenced to life imprison for an estimated 3,000 counts of rape. He fathered seven children with his daughter, a few of which he raised with his wife upstairs, claiming that the children were found on the street. He was also charged with allowing one of his sons to die, when he refused to get medical attention for him.

His daughter Elisabeth is protect by the state. She has changed her identity and lives in a town known only as Village X. Fritzl was arrested in 2008.

Walter Anzbock, who is the holder of the estate, previously tried to sell the house to benefit the victims, but there were no buyers.