Daniel Tovrov

Obama Piles More Sanctions On Iran

Congress prepared its own sanctions against Tehran as well, and both the House and Senate will vote on the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act on Wednesday.

Arafat?s Widow Demands Murder Probe

Arafat died in a Paris hospital of a reported stroke in 2004, but allegations of foul-play were again raised when Swiss experts said in June that they discovered ?surprisingly? high levels of polonium 210 on the Nobel Peace Prize winner's clothing.

Is Kim's Uncle The Real Power In North Korea?

Jang Song-taek, married to the sister of deceased leader and Eternal Chairman Kim Jong-il, has climbed the secretive inner circle and now has the year of the country's new, young leader.

Mitt Romney And The Mormon-Israeli Connection

Romney has said that "there's no question (my experiences in the church) helped shape my perspective" and that his trip to Israel, which included a visit to the Wailing Wall, had a spiritual impact on him.

Turkey Closes Border With Syria, Except For Refugees.

Tens of thousands of Syrians have fled into Turkey since the start of the 16-month long uprising -- 300 refugees crossed the border on Tuesday night -- but Syrian rebels seized two border check points last week, burning a number of Turkish trucks.

Philippines President Announces Military Buildup

With the support of President Benigno Aquino III, as well as $30 million from the United States, the Filipino military will add more than 40 aircraft -- including attack helicopters -- and other weapons to its arsenal.

U.N. Delays Syria Vote As Russia Stands Firm

Russia has already said it would to veto the resolution, which first proposed by Britain, the United States, France and Germany. China is expected to vote against the draft as well.

Syria's Chemical Weapons Are Jordan's Problem

Jordan has taken all necessary measures to defend itself from a possible chemical weapons attack by its neighbor Syria, which is believed to have one of the biggest stockpiles in the world.

One Million Refugees Have Left Somalia: UN

While the world's deadliest famine has officially ended, remaining food shortages coupled with insecurity and fighting between African Union forces and militant group al-Shabab have wreaked havoc on the nation and its people.

PIMCO's Mohamad El-Erian: The Ideal Prime Minister for Egypt

On Tuesday, it was reported that Mohamed El-Ehrian, the chief executive officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., or PIMCO, was being considered for the role of Egypt's Prime Minister. He doesn't want the job, but he does have the qualities that Egypt lacks.

Fighting In Damascus Intensifies Yet Again

Because of Syria's prohibitions on media, details of what is actually happening on the ground vary, but by all accounts Tuesday's fighting was the heaviest to hit the capital since the start of the 17-month-long uprising.

South Sudan Hopes To End Oil Production Standstill

Khartoum is willing to negotiate with South Sudan in order to further the talks in Addis Ababa. However, Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti added that oil revenue-sharing negotiations will only start once rebel activity in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile states stops.