Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell may have just raised more than $3 million to finally create a film sequel to their cult-classic TV show “Veronica Mars,” but that doesn’t mean that every fan of a long-dead and little-loved television series should expect the Internet to gift them with a dream revival. More specifically, Browncoats need to seriously curb their expectations.

For over a decade now, fans of Joss Whedon’s western-themed sci-fi epic “Firefly” (it’s better than it sounds, trust me) have been clamoring for a full-scale revival. The TV series lasted only a single season, and while it received a movie continuation in the form of 2005’s “Serenity,” that hasn’t seemed to fully satisfy fans. Unfortunately, they might have to wait much longer for another entry in the franchise.

In the light of the absolutely absurd amount of money “Veronica Mars” fans have raised to make their dream film a reality, Joss Whedon has spoken out saying that for now, no amount of money will make another “Firefly” movie a reality.

Whedon, who is currently helming Marvel’s “Avengers” films, spoke with Buzzfeed on Thursday to say that he has no current plans of returning to the “Firefly” franchise, no matter how much money Internet fans are prepared to throw at him and his crew.

“I've said repeatedly that I would love to make another [Firefly] movie with these guys, and that remains the case,” Whedon said. “It also remains the case that I'm booked up by Marvel for the next three years, and that I haven't even been able to get “Dr. Horrible 2” off the ground because of that. So I don't even entertain the notion of entertaining the notion of doing this, and won't.”

“Couple years from now, when Nathan [Fillion]'s no longer [on] Castle and I'm no longer the Tom Hagen of the Marvel Universe and making a giant movie, we might look and see where the market is then,” Whedon continued. “But right now, it's a complete non-Kickstarter for me.”

And the man has a point. “Veronica Mars” is largely about one teenage girl talking to people and occasionally staging a stakeout or two. “Firefly” is (in part) about large spaceships shooting lasers at each other while actors with very successful careers pilot them. One of those clearly costs a lot more to make than the other.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that Whedon is opposed to the project. It’s just a planning nightmare at the moment.

“For me, [Kickstarter] doesn't just open the floodgates,” he said. “God knows, things are cheaper now than when we made even “Serenity.” Good effects can be done in a different manner. Nor is that universe all about spectacle either. But it is a tad more expensive — and a little all-consuming! And of course, there's the other fear: What if it's not that good? I can do something that's not that good — that's fine. But if I do that and it's not that good, I'm going to feel really stupid.

“Because I'm too busy to deal with it, I did have a moment of just, ‘Oh my god! I'm in trouble now.’ I've always said, ‘Yes, I'd love to do another one,’ and it's still true. But I sort of got slapped in the face with it. Or probably will.”

Still though, now that [GIANT SPOILER ALERT] Wash is dead, who can even bear the pain of watching “Firefly” anymore?