Director Judd Apatow went on a Twitter rant Wednesday after it was revealed that “The Interview” would not be shown at five major theater chains. Apatow said it was “disgraceful” to pull the film and vowed more people will see the movie despite the Sony hackers’ violent threats.

Apatow vowed to see “The Interview,” because he will not let terrorists infringe on his “freedom of speech.”

But not everyone is on Apatow's side. Geraldo Rivera urged people should be cautious about seeing the film. 

The Sony Pictures Entertainment movie will not premiere at Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cineplex Entertainment, Carmike Cinemas or Cinemark on Christmas Day, as originally intended. Even though options are limited, it might be possible to see the film on Dec. 25 -- for now. The film, which is about killing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, might be available through premium video-on-demand, Variety reported Tuesday. Nothing has been confirmed, but it could be a way for Sony Pictures Entertainment to earn back some of flick's $42 million budget.

Even though Apatow was vocal about his views, James Franco and Seth Rogen, the film's stars, remained silent after the major chains shut down their movie. In fact, both actors seem to be taking the threats made against their film seriously. Franco hired a bodyguard, TMZ wrote, and both stars canceled their press appearances.

North Korea has denied involvement in the Sony hack but called it a “righteous” act. Now, Sony executives reportedly believe a former employee could be responsible for the hack, TMZ reported. Some believe there is a connection to the massive layoffs Sony had, which included a large amount of people from its technology department.

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