The Day the Earth Stood Still [1951] - An Alien spaceship arrives in Washington D.C and the military is called into action to secure the area. 

Last Man on Earth [1964] - A classic amongst vampire and zopie movie fans, this story is about a mysterious plague that spreads like wildfire through Europe, turning its victims into zombies. 

Day of the Dead [1985] - A group of military officers and scientist dwell in an underground bunker after the world has been overrun with zombies. 

Independence Day [1996] - Gigantic spaceships are here to destroy earth because we're taking too long to do it ourselves.  As a token of gratitude, we let Will Smith punch one lucky alien in the face. 

Children of Men [2006] - There are no children. There is no more hope. There is no future for those alive 18 years after the world's population has become infirtile.

As the youngest person on the planet has his 18th birthday, the human race comes closer to the end of their existance. Countries turn against one another and even deport foreign nationals.