Fox shook up our Sunday night with the premiere of its electrifyin’ musical, “Grease: Live,” based on the 1971 theatrical production. The hip-shaking remake not only featured original singles but also took a metajab at “Dancing with the Stars.” Did you catch it?

During the diner scene where the gang chats about the “National Bandstand” show coming to Rydell High, Julianne Hough’s character, Sandy, reveals why she doesn’t want to compete in the nationally televised competition: “Who wants to watch a bunch of amateurs in a dance contest on live TV?”

Oh, Sandy! How young, how naive! Little did the blond-haired character know that three decades later amateur dancing would become one of America’s most popular pastimes.

Sandy’s remark is a clear and harmless dig at ABC’s hit program, on which Hough competed for five seasons (winning two of them) before rejoining the show as judge in 2014.

According to the 27-year-old performer, despite the quip hitting close to home, it was the most difficult line for her to nail down.

“It’s a line that I should be able to deliver because it’s so me,” Hough told Entertainment Weekly Radio during an interview, adding that she continuously flubbed Sandy’s metacomment. “I mess it up every time. The diner scene is the death of me, for sure.”

But. Sunday night, the “DWTS” alum managed to get through that particular scene without any slipups — earning a perfect score from audiences at home.