Celebrity stylist and fashion designer June Ambrose opened up to International Business Times about the inspiration behind her upcoming holiday collection for HSN. Ambrose was one of the keynote speakers at Simply Stylist Do What Love conference sponsored by Dove, where she told IBT she was "really excited" for her fans to see what she's been working on.

Ambrose also dished on her new TLC show "Save My Style." It's been rumored that the new makeover series, premiering next year, will pick contestants in need of a fashion overhaul via social media.

International Business Times: I want to talk to you about your HSN line. Isn’t there a new collection? 

June Ambrose: I'm launching holiday. We did a launch for fall and now we're launching holidays the first week of November. I go back on [HSN] on the 11th to launch my whole holiday collection, my faux furs. I'm really excited about it, the dress prints are beautiful, my big trapper hat... I recreated it for an affordable price, $59. So that's exciting. I did some really great stiletto boots, wedge chunky heel boots... It's just a really cohesive collection. I have beautiful sweater dusters, beautiful dresses, that faux fur coat. I'm really excited.

[Click here for more information on her HSN collection.]

IBT: Where did you get the inspiration for the collection?

Ambrose: My first delivery [for the fall collection] was about watercolor and artistic prints. When I was traveling in Southwest Asia there was all these watercolor images and I took all these pictures and I do all these custom print techniques, 3D printing on my garments. So I utilize all those images and created this artistic print. And this season for the holiday collection there's a lot of florals... it feels kind of very Versace-esque.

IBT: And you're also getting ready for your TLC show?

Ambrose: Yes, that's still shooting. It's coming at the top of the year. We're still planning it. 

IBT: Are you excited about it?

Ambrose: I am! I feel really good about it. It's so different from "Styled By June." It's so millennial of what a makeover should be. I think you guys are going to love it.

IBT: Where do you see your career going?

Ambrose: I really enjoy bringing product to the masses. I really see myself going into more of that Martha Stewart lifestyle. That's what I'm focusing on; more books, more television, more products.