It looks like the upcoming crop of films based on the DC Comics universe is going to be doubling down on its female power players, according to a new casting rumor. The iconic female crime fighter the Black Canary may make her way to the big screen as early as “Justice League, Part 1” in Nov. 2017. 

The report comes from Latino Review, which has a history of predicting early trends like this. It indicates that in one of the first two “Justice League” movies, the character will be introduced by director Zack Snyder and could wind up with a significantly more expanded role in the film universe. Right now, the outlet reports that actresses Abbey Lee (“Mad Max: Fury Road”) and Alona Tal (“Burn Notice,” “Supernatural”) are the current front-runners for the part. 

Abbey Lee Actress Abbey Lee, pictured here at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Mad Max: Fury Road" in Hollywood, California, on May 7, 2015, is rumored to be a front-runner to play Black Canary in "The Justice League" movie. Photo: Getty

For those unfamiliar, MoviePilot notes that Black Canary is a character represented by two people in the comic books. During World War 2, Dinah Drake first puts on the costume before passing the torch to her daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance, who takes over once she comes of age. Armed with her signature sonic canary call, the character is an expert martial artist who has gone toe-to-toe with some of the greatest warriors and villains in the world. Fans of the CW series “Arrow” will know that the Black Canary has been a staple on the series since Season 2 when Caity Lotz arrived on the scene. Since that time, the costume has gone to her on-screen sister Katie Cassidy. However, the hit superhero series drastically changed the hero’s origins. 

The report indicates that Warner Bros. might have something special in mind if the movie version of the character takes off. While Black Canary is a member of the Justice League, she’s also a key character in the Birds of Prey. For those unfamiliar, the Birds of Prey is an all-female superhero team started by Black Canary and Barbara Gordon. What lends credence to this idea is the fact that, as CinemaBlend notes, many believe that the DC movie Universe has already cast “The Hunger Games’” Jena Malone to play Gordon, though the role has not yet been confirmed. 

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