There have been numerous rumors about the upcoming “Justice League” film. The 2015 live-action blockbuster has little information confirmed as of now, but it has been reported that Darkseid will be the movie’s antagonist.

Warner Bros. and DC Comics have a task on their hands, getting a “Justice League” movie out by 2015, which means developing characters for the biggest names in DC Comics’ superheroes. “Man of Steel” is underway for Superman, and Batman doesn’t need  a film, but audiences will have to be introduced to Wonder Woman, and possibly reintroduced to Green Lantern after last year’s disastrous Ryan Reynolds version.

The film is in direct competition with the already established “Avengers” sequel set for the same summer, where the Marvel heroes will face off against the Thanos, the Mad Titan. On top of rushing a potential hit to get their first installment out in time for Marvel’s second, Warner Bros. is topping the Titan by bringing in a god.

Latino Review is claiming that one thing for sure in the upcoming “Justice League” movie is that the villain will be Darkseid. The character is the supreme monarch of the planet Apokolips, he is the most threatening villain DC has to offer, and, oh yeah,, he’s a god!

This only furthers the idea that Joseph Gordon-Levitt shouldn’t reprise his role as (SPOILERS!) John Blake – Robin from “The Dark Knight Rises.” The idea surrounding the rumors of Gordon-Levitt being the new Batman is that he would have taken the place of Bruce Wayne following his departure at the end of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy.  

A god would be a stark change of pace from the insane, yet human terrorist villains audiences have embraced since “Batman Begins” was released in 2005. It wouldn’t be unreasonable for Batman to be a part of this universe, and Gordon-Levitt could play him, but it can’t be a continuation of Christopher Nolan’s story.

Nolan, who wrote and directed the three “Dark Knight” films, is also a part of the start to the DC Cinematic Universe in “Man of Steel.” Nolan has penned the Zack Snyder directed Superman reboot, but it will not take place in the same context as his vision of Batman did.

“Man of Steel” is set to be released June 14, 2013, giving Warner Bros. and DC only two years to gage the films reception and develop “Justice League” and reintroduce Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Batman to the public.