Caroline Gonzalez, an 11-year-old of Forney, Texas, served as Mayor For a Day on Aug. 16. She earned the position after raising money for orphans. During her short time in office, the young girl cleverly decided to use the city's money for a street sign honoring Justin Bieber.

''I really like Justin Bieber, I like his music and I like him. I thought, why not have a street in my hometown named after my favorite singer?'' the elementary school student said.

However, the Justin Bieber Way sign only lasted about a day in the small town. It was reported that the sign was stolen early morning on Aug. 18.

Tony Gonzalez, the young girl's father, said he had never seen her so mad. ... They've definitely stolen some joy from her. The sign was supposed to stay up throughout the weekend.

The real mayor of the town, Darren Rozell, promised to replace the sign. It may be someone's idea of a joke, he said. But we're not going to leave this little girl's summer on a sour note.



11 Year Old Mayor and her Justin Bieber Way (Credit: City of Forney / Jeff Crilley)


The original contest for mayor for the day was intended to raise awareness and interest in government among young kids and bring attention to Forney, but Rozell never expected how much publicity they would actually be receiving. The town is hoping Justin Bieber himself will come by.

I really think for as much press as Justin Bieber is getting out of it, it wouldn't be that hard to swing by, Rozell said.

Forney tried reaching out to the Biebs, but was unsuccessful. Many are contemplating whether they should leave the sign up until he comes.

For now, Caroline and her neighbors can enjoy Justin Bieber Way at least until Monday. Officials are still searching for the thieves of the original sign.