It’s hard to think of anyone more deserving of a good roasting by Comedy Central’s elite than Justin Bieber. But, as a sneak preview of the roast shows, the Biebs won’t be the only one with mockery thrown his way on the show, which is scheduled to air March 30.

The clip, released Friday, shows unlikely roaster Martha Stewart getting some big laughs from the crowd while poking fun at Snoop Dogg.

“One of the highest-rated episodes of my show ‘Martha Stewart Living’ was when Snoop and I made brownies together, and I’ve used his recipe ever since,” Stewart, the 73-year-old homemaking expert, said. “As a matter of fact, I ate three of them right before they called and asked me to do this roast.”

The joke, or at least what we believe to be a joke, was a good example of some of the more on-color humor that Comedy Central roasts are capable of. However, the TV events have become much more notorious over the years for their off-color humor. Judging by recent reports of jokes that had to be cut, it sounds like the roast of Bieber will be no exception.

Apparently, Comedy Central announced that it had cut a handful of jokes that were aimed at the late actor Paul Walker. Insult comedian Jeffrey Ross made a crack about the “Furious 7” star, as did “Saturday Night Live” cast member Pete Davidson. These were made all the more awkward by the fact that Walker’s co-star and friend, Ludacris, was sitting onstage at the time.

“Roasts often push the limits of good taste and we give the participants full rein to try things, knowing we have the edit to shape the show,” a Comedy Central rep said in a statement. “Sometimes the line is discovered by crossing it. The Paul Walker references will not be in the telecast.”

Still, the rest of the jokes, while off-color, likely toed the line quite nicely. Roastmaster Kevin Hart will lead a lineup that includes Ross, Davidson, Stewart, Hannibal Buress, Chris D’Elia, Snoop Dogg, Natasha Leggero, Ludacris, Shaquille O’Neal and more on a tirade of clever quips aimed at Bieber. The roast premieres at 10 p.m. EDT March 30.