Justin Bieber just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. The “Sorry” singer was caught on tape fighting with a much larger man at a hotel in Cleveland on Wednesday. Now Bieber is speaking out — sort of — about the fight.

On Thursday, after the shocking clip began making the rounds on Twitter, Bieber resurfaced on Instagram to provide an update for fans. He shared a selfie with his 70.8 million followers, proving that his sweet face remained unscathed. The photo has been deleted, though he shared a second selfie not long after, this time pursing his lips at the camera.

"Not a scratch on this pretty boy," Bieber captioned the deleted selfie.

TMZ reported that Bieber was visiting Cleveland for game three of the NBA finals. The pop star was outside his hotel when an unidentified man approached him and attempted to punch him in the head. Rather than turn and run, Bieber fought back. A witness was able to get the incident on tape, showing Bieber swinging back at the angry stranger. The two men then began wrestling, which brought Bieber — who is noticeably smaller than his assailant — to the ground. Onlookers then separated the two. The cause of the fight remains unclear, though one witness told TMZ it may have been linked to Bieber’s aversion to being photographed.

The Canadian singer revealed to fans that he would no longer be posing for pictures in May. He penned a lengthy post on Instagram explaining to fans that while he loved them, he could no longer stand the pressure to stop for every one of them. He it made him feel “like a zoo animal,” adding that he felt like he was losing his mind.

Bieber faced a lot of backlash as a result of his decision. One fan attempted to remind him that his Beliebers had powered his success. The 22-year-old took a moment to address the angry fan, telling them that “if you think setting boundaries is being a d----- I’m the biggest d----- around.” Bieber added that he no longer wished to “be a slave to the world.”

He has said nothing more about his recent brawl.