Justin Bieber is once again in the middle of a controversy after TMZ released a photograph of the singer spitting over his hotel balcony in Toronto, while his fans waited below.

Bieber was in the city on Thursday as part of his Believe tour, and the photograph shows the 19-year-old leaning over the rails of the Hazelton Hotel and spitting on the crowd below, who came to get a glimpse of the teen idol.

The same day, Bieber posted on his Instagram account a video of his fans waiting below his hotel room, and he praised them for being a huge source of support. “I wake up this morning to this :) best fans in the world #beliebers #sexyfans,” he captioned the video.  

The photograph obtained by TMZ shows an unidentified friend of Bieber’s laughing at crude gesture. This year alone, this is the third time that Bieber has been accused of spitting on others.

A few weeks back, Addison Ulhaq, a DJ at a Columbus night club in Ohio, accused Bieber of spitting on him, and even filed a case against the singer. According to TMZ, Ulhaq said he got  tested for Hepatitis because the incident left him with saliva in his eye, nose and mouth.

"Two of Bieber's bouncers approached me and said that I was trying to take photos," Ulhaq told the "Dave and Jimmy" radio show hosts.

"As I got pulled aside, [Bieber] confronts me, looks right in my face, says a couple choice words, and then spits in my face and then walks off. I was just completely stunned. I couldn't really react to it," Ulhaq said.

In March, a Calabases neighbor of Bieber’s accused the singer of spitting on him during an argument, which stemmed from complaints over Bieber’s reckless driving in the neighborhood.