The anticipated raunchy hippie comedy Wanderlust hits theaters today, and with a star studded lineup like Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux, the film has a big chance to do well. However, critics have been shelling out mixed reviews for the commune-based comedy.

The gags are as hit-and-miss as you'd imagine, wrote AP movie critic Christy Lemire. But when referring to the cringe-inducing awkward jokes, the critic pointed out that some do reach the levels of brilliant, unfettered lunacy to which they aspire.

Entertainment Weekly's write-up on the film labeled the plot as sturdy, and credited Rudd for his performance. The actor is so clean-cut cute, yet so fearlessly capable of rolling in happy raunch, wrote EW's Lisa Schwarzbaum.

Rotten Tomatoes ranked the feel-good flick, complete with giggle weed-jokes and nudist allure, at 61 percent, with 34 votes dubbed as fresh and 22 as rotten.

However, as Wanderlust makes its big screen wide-release debut, its stars have been hitting the late-night talk show circuit. First Jennifer Aniston showed up on Jimmy Kimmel to plug the weed and free-love nostalgia pic, then last night, Justin Theroux flexed his style for the ever-wacky host. Aniston's latest beau dished to the sit-down comedian jokingly about his part in the Oscar nominated War Horse, instead of staying with a purely Wanderlust-plugging script.

Yes, I was in 'War Horse,' the actor insisted to the talk show host when asked if he was attending to the Academy Awards ceremony. I kind of had a big part.

This set up one of Kimmel's notoriously elaborate jokes: the talk-show host rolled a clip of the film, which featured the War Horse trailer with a comedic addition: Theroux edited into the preview dressed as a horse. Check it out below.