Things are looking up for Justin Timberlake. In January he announced his engagement to Jessica Biel. Now he's been brought on board to play a lead role in Trouble With the Curve alongside the legendary Clint Eastwood. The drama revolves around the life of an aging baseball scout who takes his daughter, played by Amy Adams, along with him on one last scouting trip. Timberlake is set to play the role of Johnny Flanagan, a Yankees scout and former pitcher, and Adams' love interest.

Eastwood is coming out of acting retirement for the film, after claiming his final role would be in Gran Torino. However, he is handing his director reigns over to Robert Lorenz, who was the assitant directed for several of Eastwood's films. The film will come out in 2013.

Timberlake has also been brought on to the latest Coen brother's project. Inside Llewlyn Davis, which tells the story of a young musician trying to make it in the music scene of 1960s Greenwich Village. The movie will also star Oscar Isaac in the title role, as well as Carey Mulligan and Coen brothers standby John Goodman, and will come out in 2012 as well.

Until Timberlake's new projects hit the theaters the best way to get your fix is to return to his previous work, in this slideshow starting with his best role and leading to the worst.