Even though Justin Verlander and Kate Upton may be living glamorous and lavish lifestyles, their relationship as a couple is very "normal," the Detroit Tigers' star pitcher said. E! News reports that in the June 29 issue of Forbes magazine, Verlander reveals that he and Upton are just like most other couples.

"You know, normal relationship -- believe it or not," Verlander said, referring to the time when he and his supermodel girlfriend were victims of a massive photo hack that dispersed nearly 500 pictures of various celebrities. "Obviously, it was tough," he added. "I still don't talk about what happened. I grinded through it. ... Kate's there a lot for me. And we're just normal people." 

The two seem to enjoy the simple things in life. The couple often share their fun and sweet moments on social media, such as a date night in New York City or enjoying a safari adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model even shared a dubsmash video of Verlander during National Best Friends Day, captioning it:  "In honor of #NationalBestFriendsDay I'm gonna post my bestie being awesome at #dubsmash @justinverlander (I wanted to post the bridesmaids one but he rejected it ... Sorry everyone)."

And while Verlander has been tight-lipped about the details of his relationship with Upton, the supermodel is slightly less guarded. In an interview with Marie Claire last month, Upton revealed how she is “so competitive” with him, saying, “He'll beat me at spades. He's better at trapeze … Oh! I beat him in foosball!"

Meanwhile, Verlander spent three months on the Tigers' disabled list, due to his bruised triceps. But despite his injury, the famous athlete retained a positive outlook for his baseball career. As Verlander told Forbes: “I never really doubted myself, and I still don’t. I’m very optimistic about this season and excited to get going with it.”

Verlander returned to action after completing rehab treatments for his injury. Upton also is busy, filming the movie "The Layover" with co-star Alexandra Daddario.