Controversy, thy name is Kanye.

The multi-platinum, multi-Grammy award-winning rapper seems to have a knack for controversy. In 2005, he made his famous "George Bush doesn't care about black people," statement during the Hurricane Katrina relief concert. In the past, he's drummed up controversy by loudly complaining that he lost awards because of race. In 2009, he interrupted Taylor Swift in the middle of the MTV VMA awards and said Beyonce should have won the award for "Best Female Video."

In 2011, on the heels of a new CD being released jointly with his mentor and friend Jay-Z, "Watch the Throne," West is back at it.

This past weekend, during the Big Chill music festival in Britain, West got on the microphone during a music interlude to explain why he was late. During the long rant, West added a new controversial moment to his repertoire by comparing himself to the famously evil German dictator.

"I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street, and people look at me like I'm f--king insane, like I'm Hitler. One day the light will shine through and one day people will understand everything I ever did, ever said, was to throw myself on the blade for the sake of someone else," West said.

West received a smattering of boos and cheers after he made the comparison to Hitler. He continued by saying he needed to make a difference. During his long rant, he also blamed the media for his negative portrayals and said he is a perfectionist who wants to make a better product. He defended his latest music video, "Monster," saying it wasn't misogynistic but artistic. The video depicts  cannibalism and women hanging by their necks.

He also brought up recently deceased singer Amy Winehouse and suggested the media were somewhat to blame for her demise.

"For all the media, can you lighten up on all your artists that are still here?" said West.

All in all, just another day in the life of Kanye West.

Video is below. The Hitler rant starts at about 6:40.