Kanye West is under investigation for attacking a photographer who allegedly tried to taunt the rapper and take his photograph while he was leaving the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday.

TMZ reported that the photographer, who was rushed to the hospital after he got hurt in the altercation with West, wants to press charges against the rapper. West may be charged with a felony for allegedly trying to take the paparazzo’s camera, the website noted.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon when West was trying to ignore the paparazzi waiting outside LAX airport. Although West instructed the cameraman not to ask him any questions, the paparazzo kept on going.

"Why can't we talk to you? I mean, why? No, no, c'mon -- I don't want to fight with you!" the photographer is heard asking West in a video of the incident released by TMZ.

"I told you, don't talk to me, all right?" West responds, and when the photographer showed no sign of letting West go, he attempted to snatch the camera.

During the altercation, the man fell down and hurt his hip, and paramedics and law enforcement soon rushed to the scene. The extent of the cameraman’s injuries is not yet unknown, the TMZ report said.

West left the scene before law enforcement officers arrived.

Following the incident, the police issued a statement confirming that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the assault.

"The LAFD was notified, responded to the location and transported the victim to a local hospital for medical attention. A police report was taken by the Los Angeles Police Department and the investigation is ongoing," the statement cited by E! Online read.

This is not the first time West has had a run-in with the media, and Kris Jenner, mother of West’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian, appears to think the conflict occurred because the rapper is sleep-deprived.

"I love that man. I do," Jenner said during an appearance on The Talk. "I think he was just a little sleep-deprived, because of the baby. Maybe."

"I am close to him, and he doesn't have a short temper like everyone thinks. This happens, but it happens for a reason," Jenner added.