Kanye West has no time for anyone -- except for his new baby daughter North West. And, in the past few weeks, he has been pretty emphatic in making this point. His newest blowup at the Los Angeles International Airport Friday was no exception as he expressed his discontent with photographers he felt were crowding his increasingly limited personal space.
TMZ posted a video showing West getting out of his car and talking on his mobile phone. As his patience begins to quickly run out with the photographers making comments to him, he eventually covers one lucky photog’s camera with his hand. He then proceeded to explain to the photog the art of silence, encouraging him to rest his voice for basically the rest of his life.
“I appreciate that. But don’t talk to me!” said a stern West. “I don’t want to hear paparazzi talk to me. Or anybody I know. At all. And don’t talk to anyone I know. And tell everybody never talk to anyone. That anyone knows. ... Don’t talk ever again!”
Watch the verbal shutdown in the video below:

Kanye West -- Don't Burst My Privacy Bubble ... Or I'll F*** You Up!!!