“Famous” rapper Kanye West has remained silent since his wife, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift as a liar in a Snapchat video Sunday. He reportedly feels bad for the “Bad Blood” singer, but, no surprise, he is on his wife's side, Hollywood Life wrote in an exclusive report Monday. 

“Right now while everything’s coming to life, Kanye feels bad for Taylor. Her stock just plummeted but it’s all her fault and all her bad,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “Kim’s been sitting on those tapes for days, waiting for Taylor to come clean but she never did. Don’t blame Kim. She’s only doing what’s right, clearing her man’s name. Taylor’s got an image to uphold, so it wouldn’t surprise Kanye in the least is she’s saying her voice is fake.”

After the latest episode of “KUWTK” aired, Kardashian leaked the recording on her Snapchat account. “Do u guys follow me on snap chat?” she wrote to her 46.7 million followers Sunday. “u really should ;-)”

While Swift said she never was told about the lyrics in “Famous,” the recording is obvious proof that West asked for her permission. She even thanked him for reaching out to her, saying it was “nice.”

Swift has always been painted as America’s sweetheart, and it irked Kardashian. "She was tired of Taylor being portrayed as this angel," a source told People Magazine Monday. "She's fake. She said one thing when the song came out and now she's saying another. She painted Kanye as this monster. He was actually trying to do the right thing for once when he called her." 

Swift responded to the leaked recording with a Twitter post, where she said she didn’t know he was going to call her “that b----.” The recording only shows her agreeing to the line where West talks about having sex with her.

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