Kim Kardashian is about to make millions off her pregnancy thanks to her unborn child, but the presumed father, hip-hop star Kanye West, reportedly is “disgusted” by the notion of making money off his baby.

Since it was announced that Kardashian was pregnant, celebrity gossip sites have been scrambling to figure out whether she’d be filming her pregnancy and the baby’s first months, but some sources are claiming that the reality star (who’s become rich and infamous exposing herself) will be taking a hiatus from “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”

While "momager" Kris Jenner would work hours upon hours of overtime to ensure that as much money as possible could be made off the child, West is allegedly threatening to leave Kardashian and fight for custody of the baby if she and her mother try to exploit the baby.

A source told Star magazine in their Jan. 21, 2013 print edition:

“Kanye is all about marketing his career, but family is important to him, and using their baby as a moneymaker disgusts him.”

It seems West has the right idea, giving the child a chance to decide whether he or she wants that kind of fame.

“Kim and Kris are already working overtime to line up as many endorsement deals as possible,” the insider continued. “Kim is already planning the baby’s name, so she can have it trademarked before it’s born.” 

But West doesn’t want anything to do with trademarking his child’s name.

Kardashian allegedly burst into tears when West spontaneously announced that he and his fashionista girlfriend were expecting a child together. 

According to the source, Jenner told the rapper:  

“The baby is in Kim’s stomach and they should have been consulted about making the news public.”

West doesn’t care what happens, he’ll even leave his superstar girlfriend to ensure that his baby isn’t exploited, the source claims.

The source dished:

“Kanye has mellowed out a bit . . . but he’s definitely not going to back down. He’ll leave Kim and fight for custody before he’ll let them exploit his child.”