A group of karaoke-loving ladies experienced quite the shock when their Beyoncé jam session was interrupted by the Queen Bey herself.

On Tuesday night, the group were at Miami's Sing Sing Karaoke singing along to Beyoncé’s 2011 hit single "Party." But unbeknownst to them, the pop star was having her own sing-along party at the karaoke bar with her husband, Jay Z; producer Timberland; and her Destiny's Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

After overhearing the raucous group’s likely lively rendition of her song, Beyoncé and Rowland burst into the girl's private room. Sing Sing Karaoke posted images on its Facebook page of the girls excited faced as they chatted briefly with the stars. Beyoncé and Kelly even posed for a picture with the girls' friends who had passed out on the couch -- I'm sure she was kicking herself Wednesday morning for that last drink. b4 The group of girls was down one member. But Kelly and Beyoncé made sure to include her in the fun, posing for a picture with her as she slept on a couch in the private room. Photo: Facebook/Sing Sing Karaoke - Miami

The lucky girls took a photo with Beyoncé and Kelly before returning to their Tuesday night show. Let’s just hope their sleeping friend forgives them for leaving her out of the fiercest party crash ever.